On-Demand Webinar
2021 Planning: The CPO Perspective

David Rae_2.png
Rob Hubbard_2.png
David Rae
Chief Product Officer
Procurement Leaders
Rob Hubbard
Chief Procurement Officer
H.B. Fuller Company
Charles Miller2.png Jurriaan Lombaers_2.png
Charles Miller
Head of Bain's Procurement Practice, Americas
Bain & Co
Jurriaan Lombaers
SVP & Chief Procurement Officer
Air France-KLM

In this session, we share new research on global CPO strategic priorities and planned activities for the year ahead. Chief Product Officer, David Rae, challenges the cross-industry panel of experts on how they’re adapting their 2021 strategy in the fallout of Covid-19.

Join the conversation to learn:
  • The strategic initiatives CPOs are investing in over the next 12 months
  • What CPOs are doing differently to achieve their 2021 objectives
  • How new ways of working have impacted the strategy